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Ride Out - Hybrid Mutants and Flamin Anus - Unreconstructed (CD, Album)


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  1. Aug 19,  · Looking around the internet I find tones of hybrid and mutant OCs, and sadly most are done badly. Personally I dislike most hybrids as it's often a cheep way to steal a concept or make a charter more edgy. Same goes for mutants, the lack of reading the creator does can cripple a charter.
  2. James Marks is the only Dire Wraith/Human hybrid known, and also a functional mutant. It is unknown if his mother (Marjorie Seaton) was a mutant (or if his Dire Wraith father was a more uncommon mutant). Also see the list of Mutant/Dire Wraith Hybrids. Fairies. A few cases of breeding between fairies and mutants or humans have been recorded or.
  3. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Stream the best stories.
  4. The Mutant/Inhuman Hybrids might include early alternate versions of Luna Maximoff (when main reality Quicksilver was a mutant, before retcon). We also have Talogan, descendant of Wolverine on Earth (original Guardians of the Galaxy), and rece.
  5. The album was conceived as a fake compilation of different "bands". Unlike the UK release, the Canadian release has only 6 tracks on the B side, and track B6 contains both The Cage - Take Me I'm Yours & The Pipettes - All The Young Dudes /5(3).
  6. This page is similar in name to other pages. For the gang in The Dark Knight Returns, see Mutants. A mutant is a human being gifted with advanced evolutionary traits. With the exception of minute physiological differences, there is little to distinguish a mutant from a metahuman. Captain Comet and Jericho are two of Earth's few true mutants. Through varying circumstances, denizens of the DC.
  7. A Collection of Classic Mutants, an Album by Hybrid Kids. Released in on Cherry Red (catalog no. A RED 5; Vinyl LP). Genres: Experimental Rock, Zolo, Post-Punk, Synthpop, Musical Parody.
  8. Hybrid Mutant, AKA Hybrid Freak, is from TimeSplitters 2. The TimeSplitters' evil aura had a devastating effect on some of the more susceptible Siberian troopers, causing massive genetic mutation. Military scientists tried to turn them into super-soldiers, but after a series of horrific incidents the mutants were deemed uncontrollable and placed under maximum security.

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