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Polluted Truth - Various - Why Does It Have To Sound Like Shit? (Cassette)


8 thoughts on “ Polluted Truth - Various - Why Does It Have To Sound Like Shit? (Cassette)

  1. In my own personal collection, I have about 4 times as many LPs as cassettes and have to admit that I like the clean sound of the cassette and not having to worry about scratches, etc. but, sometimes I feel that there is something missing in the cassette that an LP has but just can't put my finger on it.
  2. I am trying to figure out if the chain is stretched or somthing is wrong with the cassette. To explain this more I have uploaded a demostration video of how it sounds. This happens on multiple gears at different locations on the chain. It happens more than once every turn of .
  3. I have been trying to understand this site (I'm tech challenged). I have been reselling records for awhile and yes different pressings can sound different. I can't say much about the new vinyl as I only have one to go on. I picked up a album for my youngest the last time I was at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
  4. Sep 15,  · Cassette tapes are always pretty much limited by something. type 1 has good low end but limited highs. type 2 has limited low end but extended highs. type 3 are hard to find and dont work on all machines. type 4 are also hard to find, are expensive, but they are most capable (sound like cd's) Cassettes can sound on par with cds and vinyls. Most.
  5. Nov 30,  · [1] For you techies out there, CDs have a sample rate of KHz, and a dynamic range of 16 bits. High resolution audio files can reach as high as KHz/Bit, but are most often available at 96KHz/Bit. [2] Robert points out that in the early days of CD, the mastering job for vinyl and digital was the same. That changed over time, as mastering engineers were asked to take advantage of the.
  6. Nov 10,  · The Word ‘Natural,’ Like Our Food, Has Become Polluted Vani Hari writes as The Food Babe and is the author of the forthcoming book “The Food Babe Way." November 10,
  7. Tape: I always wanted to have a modular tape plugin in which I could enable or disable each step of the processing. Stability: Control how the Stability parameter in the front panel works internally. Includes “randomness” in order to make things unpredictable and analog. Extra: More of what makes a cassette sound like a cassette. Including.
  8. Two possible reasons: 1. The unit may need a good cleaning. 2. There may be a belt that needs replacing inside of the unit. You could get a cleaning cassette and run it in your cassette player. Something like this: - Toyota Camry.

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