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Temporal Lobe


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  1. Feb 03,  · One temporal lobe is on each side of the brain, near the temples. This part of the brain controls memory, emotions, and language processing. A temporal lobe seizure is called a focal seizure because it starts in one part of your brain. The seizure may last 60 to 90 seconds.
  2. Jul 09,  · The superior temporal gyrus is located between the sylvicus and the upper temporal sulcus, the middle - between the upper and lower temporal sulcus, the lower - between the lower temporal sulcus and the transverse cerebral fissure ().. The lower surface of the temporal lobe contains the lower temporal gyrus, the lateral occipital-temporal gyrus, and the hippocampal gyrus.
  3. May 16,  · The temporal lobe is located on the lower middle part of the brain, right next to your temples, above your ears. The temporal lobe’s main responsibility revolves around processing sound.
  4. The temporal lobe is located at the bottom of the brain below the lateral fissure; there is one temporal lobe on each side of the brain, in close proximity to the ears. This lobe is the location of the primary auditory cortex, which is important for interpreting the sounds and language we hear.
  5. Dec 16,  · The temporal lobe is one of the four lobes of the mammalian brain. It is located on the sides of your cerebral cortex, below the parietal lobe. Its name is derived from its location being very close to the temples of your head and is responsible for some crucial processes of the human’s brain.. In this article, you’ll learn about what the temporal lobes main function is, what would happen.
  6. The temporal lobe located just beneath the lateral fissure and crisscrossing both fissures of the brain. This vital structure of the temporal lobe supports process the sensory input, including pain and the auditory stimuli. It further helps you understand language, retain visual memories, and both process and the remember emotions.
  7. Jun 29,  · The temporal lobe is the 2 nd largest lobe in the brain. It’s located just behind the ears and makes up the lower region of the brain. Temporal lobe strokes are caused when a blood vessel in the temporal lobe either gets clogged (ischemic stroke), or when a blood vessel bursts in this area (hemorrhagic stroke).
  8. The temporal lobe is one of the four lobes of the brain (along with the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, and occipital lobe), and largely occupies the middle cranial fossa.
  9. The temporal lobe is the area of the brain that processes memories and sounds, interprets vision, produces speech, understands language, controls some unconscious/automatic responses such as hunger, thirst, fight-or-flight, emotions, and sexual arousal.

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